Heavy-Duty Slag Pots

When you're in need of slag pots, you've come to the right place. RAMM Metals offers cast iron and steel containers to companies across the United States and Canada. Email us today to request a quote for our pots.

Large Slag Pot

Load-Bearing Vessels

Ranging in size from 18mt to 60mt (or 245 ft.3 in. (7m3) to 1,050 ft. 3 in. (30m3), our steel pots come from foundries that have many years of manufacturing experience. Our products are heat treated so that they have a long life.

Modern technology is available to make pots with "cast in forged trunnions" and also with "interference fit forged trunnions (by the cryogenic process)," to provide the strongest trunnions for safe operation. Our products are made under strict control on the final chemistry and mechanical properties, which are combined with magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing. 

Slag Pot

Technical Advice

We also offer technical advice to customers on the best operational procedures. Our team is happy to advise you on the best repair methods to achieve the maximum life of pots.

Ultrasonic Testing for Slag Pot