Mold & Metal Casting Services

With over 35 years of mold and metal casting experience, RAMM Metals ensures you receive high-quality products that have a longer life at a competitive price. We do this by offering you turnkey services when you need them. Contact us today to get started.

Custom Product Design

To complete your casting, we first complete an upfront assessment of your needs. We then add mold design and prototyping, utilizing advanced technology to predict mold performance and ingot solidification. Next, we use mono-block patterns and produce the molds, using tight statistical process control. We then deliver the product to you, providing you with ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and repair services as you need them.

Our intensive customer visits focus on solving problems and making improvements to reduce cost or improve yields. We offer scrap mold recycling services for you as well.

Melted Steel

Technical Support for Suppliers

Our team also offers technical support to suppliers for all mold-making steps. We advise our clients on the correct specification of cast iron for each application depending on customer need in Grey, ductile, or CG iron (6 grades min.). Auditing suppliers to confirm that their capabilities meet our high standards of quality is also a top priority for us.

Man Working with CAD

Engineered Design (CAD)

When you are looking to work with a company that has the capability to design ingot making manufacturing line, we are at your service. We are happy to work with your local plant and engineering personnel to design molds and accessories that provide quality ingots for new production sites.

To start, solutions are proposed and discussed. A checklist of the possible solutions is developed and changed to define the final result better. Brainstorming is then used to generate a large number of ideas for the best manufacturing line. This is the RAMM Metals way to decide what is good about the solution and what could be changed to improve the solution.

Another crucial tool is to have the objective for the problem and important criteria clear in mind. By knowing the key criteria, we are able to provide the optimized wall thickness distribution to the mold based on mathematical formulas. This allows our team to find the most balanced mold wall thickness for each shape and size of the ingot. With this know-how, the mold performs better with no early cracking. It also won't have excessive weight, resulting in the lowest final cost per heat.