Ingot Molds
  • Made in gray iron or ductile iron with high useful life
  • Cast iron chill molds
  • Forging molds
  • Consumable electrode molds
  • Tool steel molds
  • Long molds up to 220 inches (5588 mm)
  • Bottom pour system-all accessories required for ingot casting including sprue plates, stools, trumpets or center runners, hot tops, butt molds and mold extensions.
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Engineered Castings
  • Coke oven doors and frames. Proprietary compacted graphite iron reduces maintenance cost and improves air quality by reducing leaks during operation of coke ovens.
  • Steel slag pots– large pots with long life.
  • Iron slag pots – available in gray and ductile iron. Ductile iron pots resist cracking due to the high stress from handling of pots.
  • Hubs - fully machined steel hubs up to 90mt for hydroelectric power plants.
  • Forged steel molds-higher cost but long life with excellent surface quality of the ingot.
  • Sinter plant grate bars-proprietary alloy for longer life which reduces the labor and replacement bar cost when doing maintenance on the sinter cars.
  • Pellet plant grate bars-very experienced supplier that offers improved designs and dimensionally accurate grate bars for pellet plants.
  • Pig and sow molds -proprietary alloys available for long life from Brazilian supplier of pig molds and Chinese supplier of sow molds.
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HTCI-Gray Iron 1 - 200 tons (any shape); HTCI-High Thermal Conductivity Gray iron obtained by using Blast Furnace iron as raw material
Ductile Iron 1 - 30 tons (round, square, and near square); Chemistry and properties of Ductile Iron adjustable for each application
Consumable Electrode Molds Diameter - 40 inches (1016 mm) maximum
Length - 220 inches (5588 mm) maximum
Product Features: Customer Benefits:
Competitive price / longer life Reduces mold cost / improves life cycle costing
HTCI-Gray Iron
Vs Ductile Iron
Choice based on RAMM’s knowledge on what is more required in service of each application (thermal properties or mechanical strength or the balancing)
Vast technical expertise Improves design, ingot production and problem solving
Mono-block patterns Reduces mold manning hours / ensures tight tolerances
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Sand controls / sand lab
  • Chemical composition
  • Pouring temperature
  • Cooling rates
  • Metallography / Chemlab
  • Yearly updates
Reduces molding costs / increases mold life
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • Less rework
  • Lower scrap
  • Lower overall costs
  • Ensures increased mold life
Product certification Ensures quality
Repair services Maintains and repairs mold
Financing No L/C with approved credit and terms

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