RAMM Metals, Inc.
RAMM Global is an import-export marketing and distribution company consisting of RAMM Global and RAMM Metals, Inc. Michael Pierce founded RAMM Global in 1981. RAMM Global has succeeded by developing expertise and presence in strategic markets not limited to metals, scrap, ingot molds and engineered castings.

RAMM Global demonstrates its ability to identify and develop exceptional products to meet the challenges in evolving economies. RAMM Global achieves success by utilizing resources to achieve customer satisfaction for each value-added service.

RAMM Global is a supplier of ingot molds, stools and accessories. We supply basic steel, super alloy, specialty steel and forging industries. RAMM Global also supplies engineered castings to the steel industry, iron ore mining industry, pelletizing plants and the aluminum industry. Finally, RAMM Global sells raw materials, primarily to the steel and cement industries. Raw material sales include iron oxides, steel making alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

RAMM Global works closely with manufacturers. We take title to the product and provide financing. We also coordinate all logistics, verify claims and monitor competitive activity. RAMM Global builds long-term relations with quality manufacturers for value-added marketing and selling of products in specified markets.
Representative Customers
North America
Arcelor Mittal (USA & Canada) Severstal
Allegheny Ludlum Sorel Forge
Carpenter Technology Special Metals
Eramet St. Gobain Containers
Finkl & Sons Standard Steel
Haynes International Superior Forge Steel
Horsehead Corp. The Timken Company
Kennametal Union Electric Steel
LeTourneau Steel Universal Stainless Steel
Rockwood Pigments USS Steel
Nedstaal Staal BV Ovako Steel AB Uddeholm Tooling AB
RAMM Global customers routinely acquire cast products such as ingot molds and Accessories, slag pots, coke oven doors and frames and other cast parts including sintering machine grate bars, pig molds and sow molds.
Ingot Molds
Molds, stools and sprue plates are produced by our main supplier using HTCI-High Thermal Conductivity Gray Iron.  This metal is obtained by metallurgical refining in the foundry ladle using molten metal from the Blast Furnace. Life improvement between 15% and 50%, on average is obtained, depending on the operating conditions and on the customer’s maintenance program.

The high performance of our molds, stools and sprue plates is not only due to the Blast Furnace iron. Special process techniques used during pouring and shake-out operations provide the highest thermal properties with properly balanced mechanical properties. The result is excellent performance.

The mold castings are made by the newest mold foundry in the world. Their superior technology results in castings that performed better than any other molds, stools and sprue plates made in different gray iron grades.

RAMM can also supply molds in Ductile/Nodular Iron. The main reason for our success is the technical support that we can give to customers and to the foundries on mold design, mold repair and on cast iron specification for each different application. Customer references are available.
RAMM Global offers turnkey service by beginning with the up front assessment of customer needs.  We add mold design and prototyping, utilizing advanced technology to predict mold performance and ingot solidification.  Next we develop monoblock patterns and produce the molds, using tight Statistical Process Control.  Finally, we deliver the products to our customers, offering ongoing monitoring, maintenance and repair services, Our intensive customer visits focus on solving problems and making improvements to reduce cost or improve yields. We also offer scrap mold recycling.

With over 25 years of mold and metal casting experience, RAMM Global ensures you will receive high quality products, with a longer life, at a competitive price.

RAMM Global offers complete technical support to suppliers for all steps in making molds.  RAMM Global can advise the correct specification of cast iron for each application depending on customer need in Grey, ductile or CG iron (6 grades min.) RAMM Global does audit suppliers to confirm that their capabilities meet our high standards of quality for our customers.
Coke Oven Doors & Frames-Compacted Graphite Iron
We offer a superior solution to minimizing the warpage and cracking that occurs when coke oven castings go through many years of the heating/cooling cycle. Our new technology can greatly help reduce maintenance cost and improve air quality by reducing leaks during the operation of coke ovens.

After years of comparisons it was found that doors and frames made from gray iron are easy to break/crack; doors and frames made from ductile iron are easy to deform/deflect but compacted graphite iron can avoid these problems.

Our supplier has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of CG parts. They have mastered the ability to reproduce the CG matrix on a consistent and repeatable basis. This long experience with CG Iron has shown that it can be used as a superior solution to the problem of warpage and consequent leaks caused by long exposure to high temperatures when using parts made in ductile iron. Other advantage of the CG Iron is its higher mechanical strength than gray iron that prevents against cracks.

The same higher life in service of doors and jambs made in CG-Iron with no cracks and with no deflection applies for other cast iron parts, such as goose-necks, goose-neck extensions, leveler doors, leveler door frames and also charging hole frames and covers.
Scrap Metals
RAMM Metals has over 25 year’s experience as a supplier of ferrous and non ferrous scrap to the steel and foundry industries. We concentrate on known analysis products to give the melter predictable chemistry and yield results. With our metallurgical background, RAMM Metals can identify value-added raw materials to give steel mill and foundry customers alternatives to high price metallics.

RAMM Metals also focuses on specialize scrap such as coolant scrap, steel turnings, manganese scrap, stainless scrap, 4100 & 4300 low alloy scrap and  reliable iron and steel pit scrap. We offer full service including on site container service, direct shipments to consumers to minimize cost in the handling function and on time deliveries.

Where necessary RAMM Metals can provide on site preparation of scrap to upgrade its value and increase the net revenue to the owner of the scrap. This allows RAMM to increase the alternatives to sell prepared scrap directly to final consumers.

RAMM logistics’ service includes identifying the lowest cost alternatives to moving your raw materials to market using truck, rail, barge, ocean container or bulk ocean vessels. RAMM’s logistics program is to ship scrap in the most favorable quantities to minimize per-ton shipping costs.

RAMM Metals' knowledge and experience allow us to identify opportunities to recycle items that currently are transported to landfills. By doing this we identify opportunities to replace virgin material, reduce pollution, water and energy use and free up limited space in landfills.
Slag Pots

We offer cast iron & cast steel slag pots. We are most competitive in steel pots in the ranges of 18mt to 60mt or 245ft3 (7m3) to 1050ft3 (30m3). Our success in slag pots comes from having foundries with many years of experience in the manufacturing of pots including required heat treatment for long life.

Modern technology is available to make pots with “cast in forged trunnions” and also with “interference fit forged trunnions (by cryogenic process)”, to provide the strongest trunnions for a safe operation.
Our pots are made under strict control on the final chemistry and mechanical properties combined with magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing. RAMM offers also its expertise on technical advices to customers on the best operational procedures and on the best repair methods to achieve the maximum life of pots.  

Pig And Sow Molds

We offer pig and sow mold made with proprietary metals. The pig molds are made in Brazil in a  low chrome/moly alloy cast steel which receives a special heat treatment to provide better mechanical properties in high temperature. The result is a pig mold with a longer life than other suppliers from the USA.

The sow molds are made from compacted graphite iron for use in the production of Aluminum. We offer a lower cost than the traditional steel alloy currently used with similar outlook for useful life.

RAMM offers technical advice to make improvements in the mold design to eliminate weaknesses found during mold use.

Engineered Design (CAD)
We have complete capability to design ingot making manufacturing line. We work with your local plant and engineering personnel to design molds and accessories that provide quality ingots for new production sites.

Solutions are proposed and discussed. A checklist of the possible solutions is developed and changed to better define the final result. Brainstorming is used to generate a large number of ideas for the best manufacturing line. This is the RAMM way to decide what is good about the solution and what could be changed to better the solution. 

Another crucial tool is to have the objective for the problem and important criteria clear in mind. Knowing the key criteria allows us to provide the optimized wall thickness distribution to the mold based on mathematical formulas which allows RAMM to find the most balanced mold wall thickness for each shape and size of the ingot.

With this know how the mold performs better with no early cracking but also with no excessive weight, resulting in the lowest final cost per heat.
Grate Bars

We have a superior technology to offer in grate bar castings. This technology was developed with the Japanese and has increased the average life of grate bars by 1 year or more using a special alloy vs. HC alloy. This is primarily for bars used in sintering plants. The longer life was accomplished by increasing the wear resistance properties. Part of the increased wear resistance is because the hardness of our special alloy is about 7% higher than HC grade bars. Our typical hardness is over HB300.

In addition the special alloy has higher carbon content and special anti-oxygenic elements added whose chemistry is proprietary. The special anti-oxygenic elements represent high performance and also contribute to small grain size which increases the impact strength.


Our Chinese supplier can provide steel hubs up to 90mt to hold the blades to generate the energy for hydroelectric power plants. Maximum casting size for our foundry is 130mt. Our supplier can meet the tight dimensional tolerances and exacting machining requirements for this critical application.

The foundry has the most modern detection and instrument equipment to confirm the quality of the hub castings. The production of hubs is assisted with advanced CAD/CAE foundry simulation software for analyzing casting flow processes.

The most well known project that is using our hubs is the Three Gorges Dam in China.

We provide milled dark red & light red iron oxide pigments. The products can be used in brick and color concrete applications. For brick bodies a 2.5-3.0% blend can be use to reduce the cost of high price synthetic or natural red pigments.
We also offer Green and Yellow Chrome oxides for pigment application. The green pigment is deep green powder with metallic luster, is insoluble in water and acid, and has high covering power.
It can be used for manufacturing of fast paints and abrasives, green polishing agents and printing ink for a special use such as paper money. It also has application in enamel and ceramic glazes and coloring materials for synthetic leather and building materials.
We offer dried, sized and bagged mill scale for application as a pigment in coloring of glass. The product offers a concentrated and consistent source of iron units for melting in glass furnaces. It also can be use in the blends for thermite welding of railroad track.

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